Monday, 23 August 2010


Raining, overcast and dark. Another dank day.

To cheer us up we went and had coffee at Gilpin Lodge Hotel at Windermere.

On arrival home greeted by the information that my Uncle Gratton in Adelaide, Australia had died.
As I have said a dark day.

Let me talk of the garden instead.
The 19th July blog showed the development of the Willow tunnels.
There was a view in the blog of 19th July with a blue seat at the end.
The image on the right shows the view the other way looking up to the buddleia hedge.

Speaking of the buddleia hedge there were comma butterflies there yesterday though this one was photographed on a perennial wallflower.

The view to the north shows the lawn down the garden to
the Wendy House.

You will notice that the roof of the tunnel here is not yet complete. These willow wands were cut from the original tunnel and are therefore much younger.

Below is a diagram of the tunnels. The seat is inside on the left and the tunnel points to the right over the little bridge to the buddleias.

The Wendy House view is from beside the seat looking down the diagram.

"Still falls the rain . . "

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