Saturday, 28 August 2010


No blog yesterday but apart from showing Grandson J his giant pumpkin - for halloween - not in garden.
In fact have family here so garden is in second place.

This is Granddaughter W at the Kendal Maize Maze indulging in a little ice cream!

As she is too young to mow the lawn, (it is raining again anyway), we did something more educational and learned the difference between a llama and an alpaca.
(The latter is smaller and needs a haircut.)

Actually I cannot quite keep
totally out of the garden even if it was just a bit of deadheading and filling up the bird feeders.

At one point I was pushing the push chair when it rolled into a metal gate. A woman rushed over and exclaimed that she hoped the baby was not hurt only to look in the chair and find - BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!

Sausages tonight - but with some broccoli and calabrese from the garden. When we came back from holiday in early July the calabrese was flowering so I deadheaded that too and since we have had, albeit smaller, many heads more like purple sprouting broccoli.

The Victoria plums are red and juicy - unfortunately the wasps agree with me and we are having a battle as to who gets what first.

Tomorrow we travel to Whinfell to another bit of heaven - picnic lunch at my brother's house. Grandson J and I made rock cakes to take.
Well, he sort of helped.
- He will certainly help to eat them!

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