Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Time to give you an idea of what The Nook garden is like this week.

There are four
pictures taken here - when I dashed out between the showers as the sun shone.

Lawns are mowed but did them
quickly with the mulch setting rather than lugging
loads of grass cuttings to the various heaps.

Why is it that when I mow the mower always runs out of petrol at the farthest end of the garden? It does not seem to matter which way round I travel.

We are eating courgettes by the bucket load and the butternut squashes have finally begun to develop. The pumpkins continue to swell with all the rain - they are now safely sitting on a bed of straw.

Reading a life of Thomas Cromwell at the moment - the man behind many of the atrocities committed in Henry VIII's reign. He got his come-uppance in the end but treacherous, nasty, ruthless, heads on gates etc etc.
We have a cartoon in the downstairs WC which shows three heads on stakes over castle gate. One is saying to the other two - 'Well, so much for plan A!'

Think I will have another cup of tea and do the Kakuro.

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