Saturday, 21 August 2010


I cannot quite keep up with the weather!
R returns from Yorkshire today so baked some rock cakes - seem to taste ok.

Into the garden to pick flowers for the house - especially sweet peas - you have to keep at them or they go to seed. The whole house now smells of the flowers.

Also did a couple of vases of yellow/orange flowers and some nasturtiums for the Wendy House.

Went to the veg beds to get some beetroot to cook and pickle (except, after I put them in the bottom oven to cook I found that I did not have enough pickling vinegar. The cauliflowers are gone - rain and slugs - so uprooted and put onto the compost heap - well the big rubbish heap at that end of the garden. When I think of the rubbish I throw in there I wonder who lives there? I know there are toads and slugs and snails and so on - I have to be careful with the fork because of the toads.

Then went to my special, clever carrot pots and pulled some carrots.
They seem to have forked a bit like the one shown so not a huge success - but they taste wonderful.

Clearly the carrots are suffering from a bad dose of anthropomorphism!

Time to feed the birds again - the tits - blue, coal and great have developed a great hunger for the peanuts. The young blue tits - they have a bit to learn - even challenging the greater-spotted woodpecker.
They will learn the pecking order given time.

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