Sunday, 22 August 2010


This is a photograph of the rose Rhapsody in Blue.

As you can see, and as with all blue roses - Blue Moon and so on - they are not really blue, more purplish.

The blue rose is a bit like the black tulip used to be - a rose breeder's holy grail.

However, with a bit of Photoshop mucking about it is possible to create a blue rose - if only in an image.

Every year I am surprised by the new varieties which adorn the magazine and catalogue pages, the new colours and colour combinations.

Which brings me to names.
I have always wondered how the house got its name - The Nook. I presume it was the result of hours of deliberation by the Reverend gentleman who built the original prefab for his summer holidays. However you would think he could have arrived at something more original?
So The Nook it was and then as we proceeded with the build, council planning documents started to refer to it as Rosside Nook. This made the address Rosside Nook, Rosside - which seems unnecessary repetition.
Anyway it has stuck.

And the sun is out
and the grass is growing
and soon it will be time
to go out and start mowing.

Or perhaps a coffee and the crossword?

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