Tuesday, 31 August 2010


There are four types of willow in the garden - five occasionally.

One, a willow tree in the southeast corner which was,
I think, part of the east field hedge, was here before us. It is a full blown tree and I shall be interested to see what the hedge man does come November when he lays this hedge.

Apart from that the next willows to be introduced
were clearings from a nearby tarn and were stuck in the ground as scions to form the willow tunnel - these are

Osiers and since have been twisted and woven together in more than one part of the garden including a hedge at the top west and a planting in the far corner with a view to coppicing and harvesting them for firewood.

Then we planted a weeping willow tree which, so far, has determinedly decided not to weep.

Perhaps it is too happy where it is in the boggy ground at the lower part of the garden.

Next to this are two twisted willows - I saw these in Homebase looking very sorry for themselves and much reduced in price so could not resist the challenge.

They seem to be happy

and thriving two years on in the very boggy area near the ponds and the stream.

Finally there is my Granddaughter, Willow!

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