Monday, 18 October 2010


I heard R stirring and turned over.
She brought me a cup of tea but I wanted to stay asleep.

Then I heard a cry of anguish.

She was by the bedroom window.
"Bullocks!," she said more loudly.

I struggled from my bed and there in the garden were two bullocks.
(For information one was a Friesian, the other a Hereford.)

The first image shows the way they came and a deposit they left.

And they leave tracks in the lawn - a huge repair job.

They broke the barbed wire in the field and scaled the meagre hedge, (which is being laid later in the autumn when the trees are dormant).

We rang the farmer and B and M came out.
A simple shake of a sack of feed from the field and both were back over the hedge.
Heads were shaken.

When the hedge is laid a netting fence and barbed wire will be incorporated in it.

This is not the first bovine invasion, it has happened before - so that is why we are having the hedge relaid.

Comes of living in the country, I suppose.

So out with the bucket of soil and seed, the spade and fork, and try to repair the damage.

At least they did not eat the leeks and last of the sweet peas.

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