Sunday, 10 October 2010


I wrote this post some time ago - about a month - and forgot to post it so here it is

Today we are going to plant daffodils.

Got a cheap sack and they may not flower
brilliantly the first year but after that will improve.

The first image is of the garden before we came showing daffodils on the banking to the right of the house. Most of these were untouched by the build and still flower every spring.

These can be seen in the second picture just after the build and in the month or so after we moved in.

T. the previous owner, planted a variety of
bulbs which flower in succession throughout
the spring.
This gives us flowers for the house for almost two months.

Today we intend to plant under the white birches, by the entrance gate and on the banking near the Wendy House.

They need to be planted quite deep - maybe 8" - but as the soil is not that deep everywhere we may have to compromise.

Oh! Yes - the sun is out, it is dry and not RAINING!!

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