Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Last night was the first frost. This affects the lower part of the garden and the far end which is shaded by trees. The upper slopes are frost free as the cold air runs downhill into the bottom and they get the first sun.

This will spell the death knell for the nasturtiums which will go all slimy. The sweet peas will also fade away - in fact they have almost stopped flowering now.

Sixty per cent of the ash leaves are off the trees and gathering in corners.

The pumpkins and so on are dead (or nearly so) and the last fruit is stored on the table outside the kitchen doors.

The marrow in the picture went to the Harvest Festival at the church on last Sunday. The small butternut squashes are awaiting some sort of decision on their future. The small pumpkin is for us, the large one for J and W, our grandchildren, for halloween.

So how do you transport a pumpkin.
The one in the car seat was the largest and went for Offstedding at a local school which, I hope, it passed.

Then it returns to the grandchildren of a friend - S - where a local talented craftsman and street performer will have his his wicked way with it - all carving and candles.

Half the leeks have bolted and their cores will be hard but I hope we can salvage something - more soup on the way?

I have filled in or repaired the bullock prints in the lawns. Repairing is a bit like doing the same for a huge pitch mark in a golf course green - but not with a tee peg but a gurt fork!

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