Monday, 4 October 2010


So the garden is bare and let's put in a few creeping ground cover plants.

One of the best is Creeping Jenny though R complained that it had taken over the end of one of the paths and it has to be trodden upon. That is OK - tread on it.

The red flowered strawberry here was given
to us by Sylvia and has taken over a soilless bank where nothing will grow - even weeds struggle. It has flowered continuously from the spring but does need a bit of runner pruning to keep it within bounds.

On another bank I put in 5 ground cover roses which are now becoming a nuisance. Unfortunately weeds do grow through them and they are a PAIN! to remove as the rose is particularly thorny.

Of course the nasturtiums creep everywhere.
This one has insinuated itself through a variegated Pittosporum but the effect is quite pleasing.

And then there is Geranium Johnson's Blue which is not a creeper but great for ground cover spreading wildly and suppressing all weeds.

After three and a half years the flower beds are getting rather overcrowded - time for a sort out - but where to put all the discarded, thinned plants. I do not have the heart to throw them away.

I feel another bed coming on. This beditis has ramifications- weeding, dead heading, muck spreading. Soon I will need some treatment.

Ps. The sun is out.

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