Sunday, 31 October 2010


The little grey tree rat is back, burying peanuts on the banking, or digging up peanuts it has buried, or digging up peanuts the jays have buried.

It seems fearless.

We have planted some crocuses for naturalising in grass by the cattle grid and around the gooseberry bushes. They were a gift from K and S.

I have been having bonfires - but not of wood and so on - of old bank statements and receipts. The ash can go on the blackcurrants as they like potash.

The hour change has passed and afternoons
end too early now.
Yesterday we had several really heavy downpours in the morning and much of the grassy areas are sodden. The stream was blocked by leaves in the wood and overflowing but this has been dug out.

The leaves on the Rosa rugosa have surprised me by being intensely yellow. I suppose they have been before but have not caught my eye.

Virtually no wind today - one good gale will strip the last trees.

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