Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Some practical, some not.

The willow tunnel in the garden - see previous blogs - was inspired by a strange mixture of ideas.
I had seen willow, both alive and dead, woven together in Scotland at the Spring Fling.
I had walked through the famous laburnum tunnel at Bodnant.
And I had been to Aberglasney in the early days - see above.

We had, in the days before digital TV, watched Welsh television on the analog channels and seen the restoration of Aberglasney from the start. Of course, with the better service we have now, we can't get Welsh TV any more.

Then we went - in fact we have been at least twice - on our way to Pembrokeshire in the summer.

Then there is the pond.

I would love to have a pond like the Pin Mill one at Bodnant but I have not the manpower nor the space. In fact we only have one man and one woman power.
I suppose I could ask them to lend it to me as they are third cousins, (Bright), but it might be a little difficult to transport.

Mm! I don't think we could get it through the gate.

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