Tuesday, 5 October 2010


As it is raining again I though I would talk about water!

Not the supply from out borehole, not the pond but the "stream" which is really a drainage channel from a ditch in the field above the house.

The first picture is of the area at the top of the garden. The stream runs across from right to left halfway up the image.
Beyond that is a small channel to collect the water that comes under the wall from next door.
In the foreground is another channel taken to divert water from a spring in the field into the stream rather than let it soak down into the garden and make paths and grass boggy.

When the stream leaves this top area it tumbles down a fifteen foot slope over and under tree roots.

This shows it with water - we have had a roaring flood as last year when the floods inundated the Lake District and nothing at all in the late spring this year after the lack of rain.

Areas of the garden are still boggy after rain and I have another drainage channel behind the copper beech hedge.

Yesterday I mowed most of the lawn but some was wet underfoot. Actually the grass was still too wet and clogged the mower so now I have green finger nails.

Perhaps I am going mouldy with the rain?

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