Monday, 15 November 2010


As I am rotting away I thought I would talk of exciting things like hyphae and spore bodies - fungi.
The first is that horror of horrors - the Honey Fungus. You cannot do
anything to
prevent it other than try to keep trees
healthy as the thing is everywhere. Infected trees as our ash should be cut down.

(It is a sort of silvan Scent of New Mown Hay - book by John Blackburn).

Ash wood is good for a log burner so at least we get some warmth from it.
You can eat the fungus - it is edible - but I have not tried it.

Then a fantastic fungus - one of my favourites suddenly appeared in the middle of a
hoggin path. Do not ask me why it has come up there, I do not know.
This is the Orange peel fungus.
This picture is of it on moss covered wood as the specimen in the path is a bit feeble.

Some of the paths in the wood have as their surface wood chippings and in the autumn we get some interesting toadstools.

The two small images at the bottom show some of these.
Of course we have others like the Coral Spot and so on.

The only fungus I have had is Athlete's Foot. At least that did not look like this!

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