Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Manchester yesterday, Manchester today - travelling, it is tiring so the garden gets ignored. Thank heavens I have done the last grass cut before the spring.

A sunny item - this is the sundial which came from R's father's house in Liverpool and has been set into a piece of sandstone rescued from the barn conversion at High Greaves.
As the clocks have changed to winter time I need to adjust the angle of the dial.

The picture was taken just after we moved in in 2007 but the sundial is still in the same place near the house.

A not so sunny item - this is the top wood at dusk on a dark and dismal wet day. At the moment mornings are a bit like this but one struggles on!

The birds are consuming huge amounts of seed - we must be feeding everything for miles around. I need to get to West Cumberland Farmers for another sack of sunflower seed.

I buy in bulk as it is cheaper - I find the garden centres and big DIYs are a bit of a rip off.

We have most things now but I am still waiting for the first Nuthatch. I know there are some not far away but they have not found us yet.

It is time to watch for winter visitors - Redwing, Fieldfare, Brambling etc.

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