Tuesday, 11 January 2011


First the dead birds - I was tidying up on the terrace (which I called the patio but apparently that is spanish for courtyard which it is not) when I came across a dead female blackbird and then a dead blue tit.
So why?
They had flown into a window in out living room bay - windows both sides - and I think they were fleeing the sparrow hawk.
This calls for bird cutouts and so on.

Now to Grouse.

This is not a bird but the ground cover roses I bought from David Austin that have torn my fingers to bits. (My sister the nurse supreme suggests Lotil cream.)

I have been trying to dig the plants up from
this bed just beyond DOC and move them to somewhere that does not matter but - the roots go down so far they must be anchored to bedrock, runners sucker everywhere and in the end I had to give up and leave some of the roots in the soil.
They think they have won but . . . . just wait . . . . I have some evil weedkiller. I will plant temporary plants in the area and when the new shoots come through - zap!

Then last image shows the bonfire of brushwood next to the willow tunnel.
So one day - allowing for dryness, birds' nests, hibernating hedgehogs and so on we will have a bonfire. One day.

One way of clearing weeds anyway!

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