Saturday, 8 January 2011


Just when you think that you can get back into the garden and start to clear away the detritus of last year it snows.

We have moved most of the brushwood from the hedge-laying, either into the enormous bonfire or, I have to admit, over the hedge into the field for the farmer to burn - he does own the hedge so technically the stuff is his.

The first image - in which it is snowing - is of the pond with a huge sycamore stump behind surrounded by some large logs. To the left is the hand rail by the small bridge and to the left of that can just be seen the remains of my father's mallet stuck handle first in the ground. The head, of wood, split last year and I had to buy a new marl - which is far too heavy as I overestimated my strength!

The second image - in which it is also snowing - shows the boardwalk I built a couple of years back over the boggy area and the top settling pond - this is to collect gravel and silt washed down the stream and stop the bottom pond clogging up.

In the picture are a pile of logs waiting to be cut up and stacked for the fire next year when they are dry. There are two small trees left in the hedge - on the left the wild plum and behind a hazel.

Now I will have to get a chainsaw for the logs, cut them and wheelbarrow them up to the shed. A man's work is never done?

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