Sunday, 16 January 2011


This was the inside of the shed before it got messy!

So what does one do in the garden when it is just too wet - tidy the shed and have a chuck out.

And then a visit to the recycling centre to dump old batteries, flowerpots, jam jars and so on. I have kept the thousands of screws and washers and nuts and bolts and bits of things that might be of use, and half empty paint pots, bits of wire, etc. etc.

I finally got rid of my fathers projector stand - it weighed a ton and was rusty. I have kept my grandfather's army camp bed - do not know why - might need it one day?

One thing I have still got but is useless and needs to go to the tip is a portable black and white television I bought years ago at ASDA for £32:10s. It was bought for the children to play the first computer games on a Dragon 32 computer. Until the digital switchover - a disaster here as we have lost several channels and with others the signal is ofter not string enough - I could watch cricket on it in the shed, but alas, no more.

So, for now, it is tidy - ish.

No doubt it will need tidying again soon.

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