Monday, 24 January 2011


Still frosts as in this image after a freezing fog but as you can see the laying of the hedge has opened up vistas we did not have before.

The odd crocus, a primrose flower, winter shrubs and snowdrops are all stirring.
The birds are beginning to sing - when not drowned out by the squabbling rooks next door.

Yesterday dug out some of the stream bank and moved manure to the bed by the front door after planting a load of free Allium christophii that came with an order. I pruned the shrub roses a little (and demolished the sleeve on an old shirt on the thorns).

The fireproof bonfire has been excavated - I have made a tunnel into its centre to take paper, cardboard and so on.
It looks small in this photo but is actually 12 feet tall so you can see how wide it is.

As I dug out the horse manure I noticed a few nasty bootlaces in it - almost certainly old Honey Fungus - I have removed as much as I can but as the stuff is always everywhere I hope it does not infect anything else.

Today will go down to The Wendy House and dig a small drain, remove some turf and extend the path a bit.

So much to do and so little desire to do it!

Gin and tonic - ?

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