Wednesday, 19 January 2011


The electricity was off for most of the day so R went into the garden and weeded the asparagus bed.

I popped out for ten minutes to prune the gooseberry bushes and a Damson tree we were given by S and K before we moved - as a small sucker.
It is developing thorns!
I suspect that it might be a blackthorn instead - OK for sloes but not for damsons - we await blossom.

So R slogged on in the garden and muttered about the many parsnips I had dug up yesterday.
The one shown here is subject to suggestions for a lookalike title. It reminds me of a pale Bumbly (Michael Bentine - children's TV) with a spear.

So I left R slogging away and went out with friend NC to The Mason's Arms at Strawberry Bank where I had a very nice Smoked Salmon Muffin, a pint of Hawkshead Bitter, Apple Crumble and custard and coffee.

R had some old Cauli. Soup.

When I got back the electricity was on again so I had a nice cup of tea.

ps. One thing I have done is to move the solar lights from the path down to the Wendy House - where we cannot see them - to the path up through the wood.

Now we have fairies in the garden!

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