Tuesday, 15 February 2011


With a Roley, Poley, Gammon and Spinach, Heigh-ho!

Yes - I went to dig out the pond and Anthony Rowley and mate have given me the perfect excuse.

The first frogspawn appeared this morning so all I could do was work around it leaving a good margin.
No doubt the mallard will be back later in the spring as will the heron - the one with the evil eye.

Elsewhere in the garden R continues weeding, I continue barrowing muck and have moved sticks to the paving for chipping - for the woodland paths.

I dug up an overgrown Sidalcea, split it and shoved it in some grass on the top of a bank near the veg beds. Then I prepared the soil and planted 9 scented lilies. These came from Sarah Raven's catalogue - expensive but each group of three bulbs in a sealed plastic bag, the three bags in another mesh bag and this in a sacking bag with her name on it and this in a cardboard box with paper packing. Obviously the wrapping cost more than the lilies.

Up in the wood the ground is erupting with daffs and crocuses. The snowdrops are splendid and we are planning where to move divided clumps to spread the white carpet for next year.

Like Mrs Dale - I have my worries - I am terribly worried about (no not Jim) but my Mahonia which looks too stick like. Has it fallen to the harsh winter? Amazingly the ceanothus has survived when all around here have not.

It is raining again.

Tomorrow we go to look at a real garden tucked under Whinfell Beacon - and lunch with S and K.

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