Friday, 18 February 2011


Yesterday I was naughty!

R kept telling me that I had done enough and come in but I wanted to finish chipping willow and buddleia prunings and then spreading the bits onto the woodland path. I went deaf and finished the job so one less thing to do.

The buddleia makes wonderful chippings but the willow is a nightmare - it had been cut in the autumn and lay on a banking all winter but much of the wood was still green and, if shoved into the ground, would have struck - and as it was put into the chipper it gummed up the works again and again.

Of course I have now cut back the buddleia by the bird feeders and they have nowhere to queue up. Also, today R saw a strange bird walking around these feeders - the sparrowhawk is back!

The next picture is of our first primrose in the new bed down by the Wendy House.

Other flowers are appearing including this wonderfully orange Witch Hazel.

Perhaps I prefer the pale yellow on but have to admit this is a corker. It was bought at Kath's Garden Plants at Heaves Hall near Levens.

Stinking Hellebore, rogue wallflowers and the first signs of the wild golden saxifrage are all here. Spring is not too far away?

Yet it is still really nippy.
And kins are back - must get the stuff H and N recommended to stop my finger ends splitting.

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