Thursday, 3 February 2011


As the last blog on pond digging had pictures of frost from the garden this one on flowers will have a picture of the top pond excavated with a shovel.

Now to the real blog.

In the garden snowdrops are bursting forth - every year I dig some up and spread them - so now we keep finding them in places where I had forgotten I had planted them.
Early on they also have a tendency to get a bit lost in the dead leaves, grass etc. So we have been clearing last years rubbish out this morning.

Inside the house our amaryllis - a Christmas Present - is in full flow.

We have three other amaryllis which will flower later in the year - 2 are old presents and one was rescued from my son's cottage when he left for London.

R loves tulips so at this time of year there is always at least one vase on the go. We also have various pelargoniums - some in pots - lemon scented foliage, variegated - and a couple of jam jars stuffed with rooting cuttings.

So easy to propagate them - take 10 cm (metric now!) of the top of a stem, strip off lower leaves, cut just below bud, bung in water in jam ajar, wait.

Also moving the muck mountain onto the flowerbeds. However have to be careful as the heap has become infested with goosegrass, (cleavers), and greater willowherb.

I do not want to spread willowherb amongst the roses!

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