Thursday, 10 February 2011


The are stirrings in the shrubbery!

When we first came one of the first things I did was to nip to a local garden centre, that was closing, and bagged, very cheaply I think, a Magnolia grandiflora. It has, when mature, large creamy scented flowers in mid to late summer - no it has not flowered yet - keep hoping that this year may be the one?

The undersides of the leaves are a wonderful orange/brown colour. Often, by May the tree looks a bit moth eaten, especially the terminal leaves, but then it picks up. This spring it is not looking to bad but I cannot see any obvious flower buds.

Under the leaves of the Magnolia is the residence known as Roy's Cottage.
A bit small for all but mice I have noticed a coal tit inspecting it. However it will need a bit of renovation as the walls will have to be repointed.

I must have taken this picture about a month ago as I have now removed that lower Magnolia branch to raise its canopy a bit. When fully grown we will need to be able to walk under it. (I mean when the tree is fully grown . . . . )

I have got R into the garden, when it is not raining or she is not writing,
and here she has been sent out to do some heavy duty snowdrop picking.

Her choice of jacket is clearly chosen in order to match the undersides of the Magnolia leaves.

Could only a woman think of that?

Mind you my gardening trousers are usually the colour of pond mud!

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