Monday, 21 February 2011


On Page 177 of the Special 20th Anniversary Edition, March issue of Gardeners' World Magazine is The Nook!

They have an item for befores and afters and I popped off a email and pics and have won £100 in gardening vouchers - nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I attached the following blurb -

"We moved to The Nook in February 2007, having built a house on the site of a 1920's prefab.
I was retiring and out two acres of land gave us something to do! There's a small area of natural woodland at the top of the garden where wild bluebells grow. We have a natural stream running through the middle, and I also dug out a pond. The fruit and veg beds were all double dug the first time around but are now simply forked and top dressed (if necessary).
Our latest addition has been a garden office by the pond which is the perfect place for my wife to enjoy her writing."

Mind you, with the winter, it is looking a bit 'after' now.
Mind you, after this winter I am looking a bit 'after' now.

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