Friday, 25 February 2011


The garden is waking up slowly, buds are starting to break on the flowering currant - I suggested that R used some as decoration in the church but it was declined.
I suppose the aroma of cat pee from the shrub might be a bit inappropriate.

The first Daffodils are out - a small clump of tete-a-tete by the back door. Today we had our first Lesser celandine.

Several indoor jobs have been done like repotting the orchid on which the last crop of flowers had gone - there is a new stem growing.

The pot of basil bought in the autumn in the local
supermarket still flourishes on the kitchen windowsill.

They always put too many plants in each pot but if they are reduced to about half a dozen they manage to thrive. A warm kitchen, south facing windowsill and water when needed all help.

C's amaryllis, which he abandoned in his cottage when he left for London, has a main stem two feet high and growing. It is now opening revealing a deep red cluster of flowers. There is a second stem about a foot high. I have had to stake it in the pot as it is now top heavy and liable to fall over.

In the past, when the flowers are over, I have cut off the flowering stem but have now learned this is wrong. Leave the stem and the bulb reabsorbs its goodness - GW Magazine - cut down when dead.

Still, we now have 4 potted bulbs at various stages of growth.

Soon we will have to extend the house to make room for them.

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