Monday, 7 February 2011


So why this heading, this title?

Well, when I looked at the stats for the blog I found that there were some unusual places listed as countries from which readers had accessed the blog, apart from Devon that is.

Oh! Yes there were the expected - UK, USA, Canada, some European countries, even India, South Africa, but Brazil and the C's - China, Croatia and Colombia?

I decided to investigate - which blogs were the most popular?

By far the two winners were titled Self Perpetuation and Hot Pic of the Day and Herbs! I think we can all see why the second got a lot of hits even though it was mainly about Horseradish!
Which brings me to the deep spiritual meaning of the first which was about plants that scatter their seed - on second thoughts I can see a connection between the two!

Back to the garden - what is in a name?
Oh! the lovely Grey Squirrel or as I prefer - the tree-rat.

It has been trying to get at the sunflower hearts in this feeder for ages but so far failed.
And yesterday it was trying in the rain too.
In the second photo it has given up and is contemplating where to get its lunch sitting on the shed roof.

If I confront one up a tree it will shower me with invective - hiding behind a branch or limb and chattering away at me.

I have just looked out of the study window and it is rummaging around in the old grass under the rhododendrons. Presumably it is attempting to find some old peanuts or hazelnuts it or one of the jays buried last year.

And the male Kestrel is back sitting on the same ash branch outside my window.

Is my feeding of the birds just providing lunch for the hawk?

PS. I have dug up the last of the leeks and we have got a little from them though some bolted.
I have also found a row of cuttings I stuck in in the late autumn and forgot - rosemary, roses, buddleia, redcurrant and some I am not sure what they are as the labels have gone walkabout - one of the joys of garden is the surprises self sown plants and so on can give - now I am back to Self Perpetuation!

Perhaps I should call this blog Hot Birds in the Garden and see how many hits I get?!

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