Saturday, 5 March 2011


Sitting inside the house, on a day when we went to the funeral of a good friend who died too young, I thought I would show some colour photographs.

The red monster on the right is an old amaryllis that my son C abandoned when he moved to London. We rescued it and watered it and fed it and this is one of five flowers on the first stem - there is a second stem not yet out.

The second picture is of a
single crocus that has appeared outside the kitchen doors in the bed by the paving. I did not plant it so the garden is moving in a mysterious way - or I did plant it and have forgotten - much more likely.

But not all the colour in the
garden is flowers - here are some wonderful red rhubarb leaves just emerging. The strange thing is that the same under the forcing pot is no bigger - so we will have to wait.

I was asked the other day if I talked to the plants in my garden.

Well I do - though it usually consists of "Bug*** that nettle, da** that bramble, come out you ******* sod."

The sod is a sod of earth of course!?

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