Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Yesterday I put in a wooden edging to the divide between the flowerbeds and the lawn (or somewhat rough grass area).

It makes it look a bit tidier and, I hope, will make mowing easier.

You can see in the picture a line of grassy tufts to the right of the wooden edging - these are Miscanthus and Stipa gigantea and will form a natural wall of vegetation between the house and the lovely septic tank on the left. There is a small bed in front of the tank edged by stones and we have put buddleias from cuttings in here.

The second image shows other types of edging I have employed - stones from the garden and old wooden poles garnered from the hedge. The latter are now going a bit rotten (aren't we all?) (speak for yourself, she says) and will need replacing in due course.

The third picture is of the professional
edging done to the professional path around the front of the house - one of the few things we contracted out when we started the garden - really to get it done and done properly. Incidentally it also shows the colour we managed to get into the banking though this photo was taken in November last year. Of course the nasty December sorted out the greenery.

I am sitting here writing this blog and R has just finished washing the kitchen floor - such is life.

Later I am to have my portrait painted by DC - how he is going to turn 2 piggy eyes in a blob of lard into something presentable is beyond me.

Perhaps his isn't!

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