Sunday, 20 March 2011


Coming home from the supermarket in the rain we met a car - R said it's the man from - ?
We came up with Uncle, Laramie and the Pru' in quick succession. Now, doesn't that date us?
Enough - it is raining - soft Cumbrian rain - mizzle. (A cross between mist and drizzle and extremely wetting.)

The other night I went out of the back door
to put the kitchen scraps on the compost heap and saw this - vapour trails and Jupiter below and right of the moon. You can just see the gable end of the roof at the bottom and there has been a bit of fun with the sky - it is only black and white. This is the nearest I have got to being able to see the moon at its largest for many years - as it is close to the earth - too much cloud.

Still mizzling so here is a picture
of a frosted beech leaf on chicken wire.

Finally to moles - I have had an American idea from an Irish cousin of R in Belgium for getting rid of moles -
put a piece of human hair down each mole hole and the moles will retreat.

The snag is I have just been sent to the barber for a number 2 all over and I do not think R would like me snipping off a lock or two of her hair.

Blogging off for a day or two now as busy in Manchester.

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