Saturday, 19 March 2011


Sitting up in bed this morning, drinking the cup of tea R had brought me, I stared out of the window and up the garden. It was misty and the trees were slightly insubstantial. Having just been away and going away I realised what a haven this place is - an escape from Japan and Libya and Budgets and so on. A day's weeding the woodland area would do Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi a world of good, then we could have a bonfire and sit on a bench in the sun with a nice cup of tea, and have a chat. He could forget all the troubles back home and consider retiring to nice oasis in the desert.

Back to sanity - as I could not get Gaddafi I settled for R who went a-weeding in the woods without so much as a small rant.

I, own up lad, used some long lasting weedkiller on the chipping paths - I know, not organic, but, when one may not be able to do so much gardening, it helps.

I put small sticks by the wild daffodils so that I can identify them later in the year - I want to divide the clumps and move them to the hedge banking now it has been laid.

I am about to pop out and tidy the willow arch - the England/Ireland Rugby match is too strenuous emotionally for this fragile chap. Perhaps I will nip in and watch the end. The result could affect my mood for the rest of the day.

The forecast is rain tomorrow.

I have sown some Verbena bonariensis in a seed tray but the marigolds (Calendulas) R chose in the garden centre can wait a week or two more. They will be sown straight into the ground outside and then thinned. A further sowing every two weeks or so will give flowers through the summer.
They are not my favourite plant but R had a thing about orange.

I suspect she would be delighted if she woke one morning and found me jaundiced - then I would fit the decor!

I might not be so happy.

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