Friday, 18 March 2011


There is a lot coming into flower but I have just been to Manchester and there the blossom is now really getting going, as are the hawthorn leaves.

In the garden daffs, primroses, quince, primulas, anemone blanda, crocus and even the wild golden saxifrage out - as shown here.

Other things are staring to break - leaves on the wild rose, buds on the flowering currant and so on and so on . . .

The furry buds on the Magnolia stellata are filling (second image) as are the camellia.

Just back from Manchester - 2 down, 17 to go (family know what I am rabbiting on about) - and will only be doing weekend blogs for the next few weeks.

Today went to Beetham Garden Centre for lunch but failed to find what was looking for - bought new gloves for R and myself with Gardener's World vouchers.

Then stopped at the delightful Kath's Garden Plants behind the Heaves Hotel near Levens but they had just sold all their plants of euphorbia characias wulfenii.

Came home and ordered three from the Crocus site with G. World discount. They are to go at the bottom corner of the garden, opposite the Wendy House, across the stream - they will fill the space quite quickly.

We also have an invasion or two. Mowing the banking has revealed a plethora of holes - presumably vole-holes as they are too small for rats.
And then there are the moles up in the top corner where it is wild - it/they must be coming in from the field. What keeps a sheep out is no good for moles.

It is all 'oles at the moment!

R has gone out for a biryani - can only have this on Fridays due to unfortunate side effects which will cause problems on Monday.

Now, how to get rid of the moles - if I am to avoid traps, heavy metal music played into the runs and poison - I wonder of a vindaloo in each run would do it?

Probably the moles will just shout where is the naan bread and pickle!

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