Saturday, 26 March 2011


In the last blog I referred to myself as Uncle Blog but my sister has reminded me that I am actually known to one of my nephews as Uncle Maniac.
I have no idea why!

First butterfly and bumble bee today and the treecreeper was in the big sycamore, flying down then moving up the tree searching for food in cracks and crevices, often upside down under a branch.

The primroses on the banking are bursting forth and, when the sun shines upon them, the yellow crocus by the Wendy House are magnificent.

My gardener R weeded the asparagus bed and then moved to undergrowth clearance in the wood. (As a show of gratitude, at 4 pm, I brought her a cup of tea and a biscuit to her writing shed.)

I mowed the lawn - in two sittings (except I did it standing as a sit on mower would not manage our terrain.) Many gardeners do it standing - mow I mean.

Then I spot weeded the thousands of thistles in the lawn so soon we will have thousands of brown spots - but little feet, come summer, will not have thousands of prickles. The lawns are not pristine so the daisies and plantain can stay for now.

I am not a bowling green man - far too lazy.

Note:- gardeners with hormone implants just mow.

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