Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Walked around the garden yesterday with guests and found a large area of toadstools.

AAAAAAAGHH! Honeyfungus in the rose bed spreading its bootlaces through the soil.
Panic and swift action. Any dead wood in vicinity removed, soil removed, fungus removed - impossible to get it all so will have to hope and pray - no cure other than cautery - I mean burning.
The soil sneaked across the cattle grid in a wheelbarrow and wasa dumped well away from any tree in the field grass. Every tree is now looked at with suspicion if it is not flourishing. The manure heap is suspect so may have to burn when dry - I suppose I could grow pumpkins on it.
This brings forward the need for a trailer and something to pull it - ? a sit on mower. I have been resistant to this till now but . . . .

Incidentally, nothing to do with the above, I can see the oriental poppy bed from my window and one particularly tall flowering stem of Goliath started as a bud yet in the last 20 minutes the cover has gradually been pushed off and the red petals exploded forth!
Pictures next time (if I remember).

Despite the rain - so no mowing - things have been done in the garden.
This is the top of the banking - marrow, pumpkin, courgette, squash bed. The plants hang down over the black plastic which keeps them weed free and warm.

So now to the nitty gritty and nitty is right.

This is Braindead the Blackbird
attacking itself - well, its reflection, in one of the downstairs windows. The glass is a mess and it is about time it got on with finding a mate.
I once had an equally over-territorial chaffinch which pecked at my car wing mirror so much I had to replace the glass.
But this bird is away with the birds - or I wish it were instead of hanging around the house and committing a bit of self - ? what - flagellation is wrong - ?phobic narcissicism.
Now say that after a hard night on the tiles!

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