Saturday, 14 May 2011


How the world goes round and round - as does the weather. One minute it is sunny (and if you can get out of the wind feels warm), then a big black cloud brings the rain falling like bamboo canes, then a blast of cold wind and then it starts all over again.
We had July in April and now have March and April in May!

There is something about a flower with deep saturated colour that lifts a garden even though areas of soft pinks, blues and greys are pleasing.
The three images here are - two of tulips and one of the powerful lithospermum heavenly blue.

In the garden the first oriental poppy has come out - I have planted a mass of them in many colours at the foot of the upper banking so it will be interesting to see if the experiment works or is just too much.
Yesterday I weeded the bed by the stream near the Wendy House and found loads of candelabra primula seedlings some of which I have transplanted to fill gaps. The aim is to have a big display there and the cabbagey leaves suppress weeds.

Then I started to move logs into the woodshed. An idea followed and I reshaped the fire area by using the sawn sections of the fallen tree trunk from up in the wood an set them in a ring, moving four large irregular chunks as a surround for the fire.

This all left me tired and ready for a shower to degrubby and desweaty.

Actually I have been feeling a bit more shot at than usual recently and put it down to recent treatment I have had. And a stiff neck - bells lad! Little lights flashing and all that! I have had all this before you see, twice.

So this morning the old blisters have appeared on my right neck - Stinky the Shingles is back - so off to the doc and chemist for a prescription!

How the world goes round and round!

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