Sunday, 8 May 2011


Just came back from a wedding and had no intention of writing a blog today - but then the heavy rain stopped, the sun came out and I decided to wander up the garden to see if the stream was running - it was a little.
Down to the boardwalk and up the wet grass to the bridge near the asparagus bed.
Then I heard an unusual noise - a hiss.

I looked up and there was a swan!

A mute swan with rings on both legs - the metal one I could not read but the other one says JIC in white lettering on a blue background.

Back to the house, camera in hand and R not far behind, I (we) sat on the tree trunk seat about ten yards from it and I talked to it.
Finally it waddled off a bit and shrugged its wings. Then with a whoosh, whoosh, whoosh it flew off down over Rosside.

It is only when one gets very close to such a bird that you realise how big they are and at our first meeting I was but eight feet away.

To the broody pair - the swallows' nest now shows feathers above the mud - all on course.

We are a bit stiff today so no gardening after we returned from Wigan. Boy, you should have seen R dancing to the song, 'The Snake'.

The garden has drunk the rain with a welcome and the azaleas are out on the banking - we bought three from Weasdale Nurseries near Ravenstonedale.

So this week I will have to get back to dealing with weeds as they have loved the warmth and rain as much as any other plant.

One place there are no weeds is in the small bed to the right of the top path. The part nearest house has been stuffed with oriental poppies - watch this blog for more when the flower.

Enough - enough dancing, enough food, enough drink, enough chat - wedding over, weeding to begin!

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