Monday, 2 May 2011


Drought - drought - drought!

In the beginning the wind has come from a strange direction - east north east - and has snapped the wires on some of the raspberries. This has had to be replaced and several canes tied in again.

This tall thin image shows the asparagus bed in the foreground, a heap of wood waiting to be cut for the woodburner on the right of the rhubarb forcing pot (yes, I know the lid looks strange - it is a dish in which to stand a pot), smaller wood beyond for stakes and such, and in the distance the Wendy House with the door open. R is in residence.

The pot was bought for £1 at a sale at Sea Wood House at Bardsea - no one wanted a pot without a lid.

After going to the gym - yes, the gym - this morning - Bank Holiday Monday and no one there - and after lunch R trimmed the grass edges to paths and then disappeared into the depths of the Wendy House to continue writing her novel.

I, rejoicing in not using the strimmer, set the mower on
high and savaged much
wasteland, scattering mowings into the gale.

The three last photographs show the garden on Mayday - yesterday - and I have changed the date on my watch because there is no 31st April.

Time to put the kettle on and make two mugs of tea. Time to interrupt the creative moment.

I leave you as a split personality - well many you have known that for years - I shall sit in the sun, one half loving the dry weather and the other half on bended knee praying for rain - and the other half wanting both - just rain at night - so there you are - a man of three halves!

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