Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Bun grumble later - (National Trust Cafe staff cannot understand simple arithmetic).

I shall start with an update - sweet peas in, french beans in, five white Cosmos in. The lawns have been mowed today and I have lead another assault on thistles with weedkiller - too many to dig up so spot weed it is. The lawns are not pristine, just mown grass (and weeds) but thistles are not good for little feet (like mine Ho!Ho!).
The garden is in pink, purple and grey mode with alliums, aquilegias (Granny's Bonnets), geraniums and grey foliage.

To the woods, to the woods - (I seem to remember that from an old Abbott and Costello film?) - to the wood which is looking splendid with the may blossom out and a carpet of campion, red and white, pignut and herb robert underneath.

Also there is an area of forget-me-nots
which have naturalised after I shoved them, post weeding from the rose bed, near the top fence.

The dead tree has been sawn into logs and the remaining branches just need to be carried down to the bonfire.

In the boggy jungle that is the far top corner I planted a few willow wands with the intention of providing myself with bean poles in the short term and the house with logs for the woodburner in the long.

R has been weeding to celebrate reaching 90,000 words with her book. I suddenly remembered I had put in three fuchsia magellanica, (the wildish one from Irish hedgerows), by the cattle grid and discovered that they are all alive after the winter but choked with grass - a little tidying done.

Oh! All right - the bun - if soup and a bun in a National Trust Cafe is say £3:50 and soup alone is £3:50 then it stands to logic that the bun is free. However, if you ask for a bun alone they charge you!
Surely the soup without the bun should be cheaper OR the bun free.
No matter what I say the cafe staff just mutter and hide behind such as - I do not make up the rules etc.

Advice - nip to M&S before you go to one of the stately homes and get a decent sandwich, a custard tart and a small smoothie and sit on a National Trust seat to eat it. Not allowed in the cafe of course.

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