Monday, 6 June 2011


After a weekend in London - sadness at leaving family there - but joy at returning to a place where there is no drone of traffic, no people pressure, no feeling of being in the bottom of a claustrophobic canyon. Having said that, Primrose Hill is probably a good place to be if you like open spaces though, having been taken to Camden Market on Saturday, some of the people pressure is overwhelming.

Back to mowing lawns - after golf.
Then looking out over Morecambe Bay to distant Ingleborough and the Forest of Bowland - do I prefer that to sitting on Primrose Hill and looking at The Gherkin, The Shard and the BT Tower - ?! No contest.
So here a few pictures taken today at The Nook -
from top to bottom - An explosion of crambe, roses and catmint, foxgloves and red, pink and white campion in the wood and roses with the poppy bed in the background.

When we came back he bird feeders were empty - their contents inside chaffinches, greenfinches and coal tits amongst other birds. Now they are filled again.

The small rabbit seems to have taken up residence and all I can do at the moment is pray it has enough grass to keep it off other things - like the last of the asparagus we had at lunch.

The garden is now growing and in places getting out of hand - grass exploding next to the paths and I will have to get out the dreaded strimmer and cut it back.

Many of the tadpoles have legs. Soon we will have frogs - with legs - no, sorry - Non!
I would rather they ate pests than we ate them.
Now snails in garlic butter - Mmmm!

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