Tuesday, 28 June 2011


As you can see we are into the picking season - raspberries, goosegogs and the blackcurrants.

I inadvertantly got my hand in this shot revealing a sticky plaster over the injury from the hand fork into the pulp - you cannot see the gooseberry thorns and nettle stings. I have studiously avoided the rue and hogweed - a blister too far.

Friends have given us plants - my ex partner PJR gave us many when we first moved in - some are wonderful and some are frankly invasive - but they did a good job when the soil was bare.

My late partner IFS's wife S gave us
trees - beech, copper beech, an oak and a horse chestnut (indica I think) shown here.

The copper beech is at the far end and will, I hope grow as a good back colour for the six white birches.
The oak in in the lawn below the house and now six feet tall.

She also gave us a red strawberry which was planted as shown here beside the path to the Wendy House, a barren bank of hardcore.

Though the soil is very poor it has thrived though the euphorbia shown is pushing hard.

It has fruit but I have not yet tasted them. I suspect they will be small and woody.

I am looking out of my window at the big ash tree with the rose Rambling Rector tumbling through it and have noticed a pretty white flower at the foot of the tree.

(Nipped out)

Mmm! - pretty flower turns out to be Ground Elder.

B***** Romans, why bring it here?

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