Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Let us start with bad news - R does not really like the meadowsweet which grows inabundance in the wilder parts of the bottom garden.
I quite like it but it does have one failing - it is very susceptible to mildew (a bit like me).

For now it stays but . . .

The yellow rose here was a freebie from David Austin Roses with an order.

It looks wonderful, especially cut with alchemilla, smells great and loves its wall tucked at the back of the house - a little feeding and pruning and it seems happy.

A little horse muck, well rotted, a boost of pelleted hen manure, a judicious prune at the right time seems to do the trick.

The frame to which it is fixed is just a load of old hedge thinnings tied together with wire and then, again, tied over the top of the wall to a few large stones.
A bit scruffy but it works.

The next pic shows the oriental poppy bed in full flood. I hope to expand this so have not dead headed the plants and will take root cuttings.

They are now over but the self sown opium poppies are coming into flower all over the garden.

Finally there are the strangely coloured
sycamore leaves coming out of this old stump left behind by the hedge layers.

Sycamore can have wonderful red young stems and cascades of yellow/green flowers.

If only it had a good autumn colour and did not seed itself everywhere.

Poppies I can take but the sycamore (and ash) trees are a pest.

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