Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Let me start with what R likes.
R like Alchemilla Mollis, Lady's Mantle.

Now we have three types in the garden - the
alpine - small and neat, the wild - very green and the garden variety - yellow flowers and slightly hirsute leaves to hold those crystals of water after rain.

She also likes valerian, another wild(ish) plant - well there are two wild varieties - the red and the pink marsh valerian.

She likes the three colours grown in gardens (and on the walls of St David's Cathedral) - red pink and white.
Here at the first two, the latter has not yet flowered and is in a bed by the Wendy House.

To move on to rabbity talk and bare veg beds - chomped and munched to death. This autumn, if not sooner, a stout wire netting enclosure will be put around at least two of the raised beds to keep the b*****s out.
(It is all in your mind - bunnies!)

And then there is the idiot who was vigorously weeding with a hand fork and rammed a tine into his left ring finger palp. (That is the soft bit on the end).

I yelped and howled worse than a professional woman tennis player. I could see the fat from the inside oozing o.. - sorry - shut up - OK I will.

Of course I was not wearing gloves, do you think I am stupid?

R does.

Have to go, the barmy blackbird is attacking its reflection in the back window again!

That makes two of us! Barmy I mean.

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