Tuesday, 14 June 2011


At the moment most of the garden is pink and red and blue and other similar shades.
Yellow is a problem and things will have to be moved.
I can manage the broom
as it is down on the banking but the perennial wallflower is stuck in completely the wrong place.
It is surrounded by pinks and lillies and roses and penstemons and so on - yellow especially seems to clash with white.
Daffs and dandelions are spring flowers when we need cheering up but now the year is more mature it lapses into subtler shades - reds blues and pinks - all of which are satisfactory with whites.

Later in the year the yellows will be back with sunflowers and rudbeckias (black-eyed Susan), dahlias and so on.

Down by the pond the yellows are flourishing without clashing - iris and mimulus and particularly the soft yellow candelabra primulas which always seem to come out just as the red ones are fading.
As before I will save seed from these and keep them in the shed by the window as seedlings over winter - then plant out.

The blackcurrants are now getting their act together - as are the gooseberries.
These are thinned and now ripening.

I have just mowed the lawns but - went to Armers to get blurb on sit-on mowers - with a trailer to cart muck from the horse-ladies field to the garden.

I will look for a second hand machine but it will fill the shed. When it was ordered I made sure it had double doors - the shed not the mower.

Nearly trod on a small rabbit by the back door last night and TWO squirrels hoicking (I think that is how it is spelled - the computer spellchecker does not recognise the word) bits of peanuts out of the feeders by the shed with their fingers.

Eating spinach, rhubarb recovering, asparagus left to its own devices, parsley planted, sweet pea sticks strung to aid the plants climb, bottle of J2O opened, crisps about to be crunched - Bye!

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