Friday, 29 July 2011


This is the windowsill in my study.

Now, in the garden you can come across things in trees. There are a small set of chimes yet also an old wooden coathanger and a disused pair of goggles.

The orange thing is a fishing float from northern Skye, the rest are corks - collected I have to say over several years.
(Phew! You might have thought I was a gourmet.) (I hear a cry - "glutton!")

I am seeking ideas at for a use (sensible) for these corks, up a tree, in the garden. (And I have been though all the HaHa ideas for where I could put them.)

To gardening, weeding, watering - the weather forecast said it would rain yesterday and it did for 27 seconds (that is a guess) not even dampening the paving.

The picture to the right is from the bay in the living room window when a burst of late sunlight hit the lilies in the old ceramic sink and the distant fields.

I have just pruned the willow tunnel and done a bit of whip weaving - now that conjures up more ideas!

It looks like I have discovered the solution for strimmer phobia - a man who does garden jobs! - so the willow prunings can be tipped with white paint and put in beside bushes and small trees to stop him strimming them.

I leave as the swallows (nesting for the second time) streak past the window, the young buzzard mews in the trees and lunch is on the table - Gourmet not glutton!

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