Friday, 22 July 2011


First a summary - weeding, picked late raspberries, picked broad beans and broccoli, weeding, mowed all the lawns (with the rain the grass is growing like something out of a SF novel), sowed some late beetroot, demolished the willow fence/sculpture/woven bits etc in front of Wendy House at request of R and dumped them on the bonfire site.
Of course, being willow near a pond they will resprout ++.

So to the title - the top picture is of the Lake at Hilton Court in Pembrokeshire. It is about 200 times the size of our pond but we have water lilies too. Mind you they have loads of fish, (:-(=, whereas all we have are water fleas.
Over the years we have watched this garden develop from when it first began, it is now mature - but, for me, I would like a few more flowers.

The second picture is of the yew tunnel at Aberglasney - hence the willow tunnel at The Nook.
Again we have watched this garden develop from the ruin it first was.
Before the "improved" digital television service we could get Welsh television here in Cumbria and watched the restoration. Since then we have visited the garden on about four occasions.

Now we cannot get the Welsh channels and suffer from a lack of a fix from Iolo Williams (and his knees) and Trevor Fishlock on his travels.
There has just been published a very good book on Pembrokeshire by Trevor Fishlock with excellent photography by Jeremy Moore.

So, family coming tomorrow from such diverse places as Devon and Australia.
Have to get the Cumberland Sausage (real stuff) out.
I have made a date slice a la Cranks, (I put a bit more sugar in it), and then realised that I am on a diet so cannot eat it!

My Lumberjack hat came today - and that's OK.

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