Monday, 25 July 2011


Occasionally something surprising arrives
in the garden - here it is - Tall Melilot, a wild plant not known for growing here - has it come with an imported plant?

At first I thought weed but then changed my mind - that might change again if it sows itself all over the place.

Family are here and it is good weather so we sit in the garden. Apart from interrupting a conversation to leap up and remove a willow herb seedling I have espied I do nothing.

(Oh! I must make a correction - though we saw masses of agapanthus in New Zealand they actually come from South Africa - got that one wrong (sort of).)

I did trim the overhanging grass and weeds from most of the paths before family came so that the wilder parts of the garden could be accessed, if wet, without getting soaked.

One of the house plants, a clivia, has outgrown its pot and is giving small offsets so I have repotted the main plant and potted up two of the little bits.

This is the boundary on the northern, upland side of the garden, a post and wire netting fence with strand of barbed wire at the top.

The plants in front of the fence are a mixture of Rosas rugosa and slower growing hollies. I believe there are also a couple of stunted damson suckers and a prickly plant given to us when we moved in - name escapes me (like much else).

Unfortunately despite feeding the plants with lots of hope and pelleted hen manure, horse manure and growmore I do not think it will ever achieve what I had hoped - not high enough fast enough for privacy from prying sheep. On the other side of the fence is a bridleway footpath and passers-by, especially those on horseback, can see me lounging about under our umbrella.

Actually cannot lounge for long - there is another broad-leaved willow herb growing in the Japanese anemones! Must just . . . . .

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