Friday, 5 August 2011


Firstly I was just sitting
with R and I, nursing a cup of tea after mowing the lawns, when the view made me scurry into the house for the camera.


Now to the point of the title.

There are many paths in the garden - too many some say - and most of them go to a compost heap, a shed, a veg plot or join one area to another but there are a few that go nowhere - dead end streets. (Kinks).

These thoroughfares to oblivion are at the upper side of the garden and may one day become routes to somewhere - but not at present.

They are like those courses one takes in life which bear no fruit and instigate a backtrack.

Yet, they are not a waste of time. Even if you have to return the way you came they can reveal a hidden corner (that means an untended bit of jungle in this garden) or a surprise view. (With the four examples shown here the surprise is generally that there is no view.)

There are other mown paths which
appear to go nowhere but suddenly reveal decking through the wild boggy bit, swing around and you are at the fire pit circle, reveal a secret lawn in the trees that cannot be seen from elsewhere.

Now there are no mazes in the garden but nevertheless there is an intention to give
the grandchildren something to explore, to find the seat at the end of the willow tunnel, the small boy reading (a small statue) by the woodland path, the wind chimes and so on.

Thus the garden mirrors life.
Here I am mowing these paths through life, many of them heading nowhere, others coming back to where I started, some with a welcome surprise at the end.

Now that is deep which our pond is not as it had sprung another leak and the water lily leaves are sticking up in the air.

Wander through the realms of fantasy and reality will sneak in and Bilbo your Baggins, clobber your H Potter, Gormen your Ghast!

Shut up D and mow your lawns.

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