Wednesday, 10 August 2011


So this is a conference pear and it is getting bigger. It will be important to pick it whilst still not quite ripe and then let it ripen and be juicy. Cannot wait.

It is not a lonely pear - like our last surviving fig.
The rabbits have now eaten all the seedlings for winter purple sprouting broccoli but I cannot accuse them of fig-thievery.

Our Bramley apple has
two, yes two, apples. Both are rather small and out of reach as you can see in the next pic. We had hoped for more but there is time as the years pass.

Elderberries are starting to warm up their act and there seems to be a good crop coming despite picking quite a lot of flowers for elderflower cordial earlier in the year.

The third picture is of a beast of burden - our gallant Victoria plum
bent double under its abundant fruit, some branches are propped, fruit was thinned earlier in the year but it is struggling.

It is essential to get to the fruit when they ripen before the wasps and be careful when picking them.

Yesterday I went to the most amazing Nursery - Inglefield in Staveley Near Kendal. Bought two pots thrown on the Mekong River in Viet Nam and imported. The place is wonderful for trees and POTS! There was one 100yr old olive in a massive pot and they had just sent a thousand year old olive to Dubai or somewhere on the Gulf.

If you want a pot you want to go there.

If you want to go to pot then contact me - know all about it!

Ah! I am sure that I have never mentioned this before but it is raining, has rained all day, is not raining cats and dogs - but elephants and whales (or even Wales), is going to rain tomorrow.

Film Instruction - dissolve to next blog.

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