Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I am going to start with two pictures of the garden last Saturday.

What is it doing this morning - raining!
Last Saturday was warm and sunny and the garden was host to family, chairs out and brolly up to give some shade!!

The orange day lilies are in full flood - though I am not sure I actually like the colour - yet they love where they are.

There has been some tidying - clearing away the browning alchemilla before they seed and all is alchemilla. A bit of dead heading, veg watering, sawing up a branch which fell off one of the ash trees - they do seem to have quite a lot of dead wood on them - but then that goes for most things (including me).

Saturday was the sort of summer's day we all dream about but, up here in t' north do not come as often as elsewhere.
(Big bugbear - "the weather has been glorious across England for two weeks" - in London and SE. "It will be the hottest day of the year" - in London and SE. Up here get your Wellies and your kagouls out. Then, of course - "It has been the wettest day on record" - as we sit in the sun.)

Gripe over.

I cobbled together a few sheets of soft plastic and a water supply and made a water slide.
It helps to have your own borehole. I am not sure I would want to do this on a meter.

Pin it down with a few 6" nails to a steep banking making sure there is a sort grassy run off at the bottom and - Wheeeeeee!

Then, naturally, having seen the fun, Grandad has to go and get his trunks on and Whooooooo!

Actually great fun though I am still finding mystery bruises.

In the evening we went out - fancy dress - I got to be the lumberjack and that is OK.
R was a scarlet woman!
Even better, youngest son, sheet, gold waist cord, greyed hair and false beard, my father's shepherd's crook, very simple - God!

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