Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Presumably because I am not a duck or a frog.
Good day/bad day, dry day/wet day, what next?

Finally got into the garden this morning and put up the buzzard - it was sitting on top of the bonfire - (not lit). R cut back the remaining geraniums and tidied well whilst I trimmed the santolina - taking heeled cuttings as usual - and cut down the lovage.
I saved a few stems for drying and making into pea-shooters for the grandchildren. Won’t I be popular!
Some of the plants in the garden are huge this year. The Japanese anemones are six feet tall and the cardoon is ten feet high and growing.
Now, I said that we had no damsons - well, we have three and a half (a small one). Not going to be a very big crumble though, nor will the three Bramley apples. Still, we had over 20 pounds of blackcurrants and loads of raspberries.

Then I began the heavy job of moving compost.
We have three compost bins, one with two bays and about three grass heaps. Today I emptied one bay and wheeled it down to a heap at the far end of the garden. Then I moved the compost in the remaining bay sideways mixing it well. All the time I was forking away I was followed by our robin - it waits for me to turn the soil and then searches for food.

Today we found that the main path, a hoggin one, has developed a gelatinous fungus - a curious revolting thing, shuddery to touch.

I cannot mow the lawn - there is still standing water in the tracks from the mower wheels and I do not want to do more damage.

We have three large plants growing wild in the garden - most abundant is the Wild Angelica, then the prolific Teasel loved by goldfinches and lastly the nasty Hogweed. Beware the sap of this plant - it blisters worse than that of Rue - I know - I strimmed with sleeves rolled up and paid the price.

And the giant pumpkin - big as a kumquat - it fell off in the last downpour.
This is not a pumpkin (or fig) year.

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